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Our real estate division is led by attorney George Thomas. He, along with his legal assistant John Koment, have completed a wide variety of real estate transactions and real estate legal issues. They work alongside you, your financer, the seller or buyer, and all other interested parties to ensure the transaction closes accurately, timely and smoothly.

We are ready to assist you with the purchase of residential or commercial property, refinancing and property issues including easements, encroachments, condemnation/governmental taking, and property tax appeals.

We work with both individuals and businesses and are up to date on all the facets and requirements of real estate transactions, whether it’s your first home or a city block of buildings that are being acquired or sold.

We can help you with your real estate needs, from preparing a simple lease agreement to completing a complex real estate transaction. We can also help you with lease agreements regarding cell towers or other lease agreements of your property.

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